New Campaign: Timed Feeders

In late summer to fall, bears go into hyperphagia: an increase in feeding activity to fatten up before winter. During this period, bears like to forage for at least 18 hours per day! Bear Hollow Zoo staff can use automated feeders to extend the foraging time available for the bears into the evening. Help us purchase three timed feeders so that each of the bears can have their own!

Donate directly to this campaign using the button below, or visit our table to donate at zoo events such as Bear Holloween on October 21, 2022, 5:30-8:30 pm (admission fee required). Please donate today!

Update: This campaign is fully funded! A very successful Zoo Day 2023 put us over the top. Thanks to all our donors and those who purchased animal art on Zoo Day in support of this campaign!

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