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Vote November 5th for SPLOST 2020

We just received this press release and would like to pass it along. Athens-Clarke County residents, please remember to vote this November 5th!

For more information contact:
Shannon Wilder, shannonwilder@mac.com

The vote to continue SPLOST is November 5.

ATHENS, Ga. – SPLOST, a program already active in Athens-Clarke County, is up for renewal on November 5. One penny of sales tax fuels improvement projects across the community. The deadline to register to vote is October 7.

This term’s ballot includes 37 projects that can strengthen our community. An E-911 phone system upgrade, public safety vehicle and fire department equipment replacement, mobile health services, and sidewalk improvements are just a few examples of projects that will contribute to making Athens a safer place to live. Youth sports complex improvements, new youth program facilities, an Eastside library, and improvements to some of our public park facilities will all enhance our quality of life. The renovation of Bear Hollow, a Jackson Street Art Walk, Welcome Center accessibility improvements, and the building of a 5,500 seat arena will enhance our community’s cultural standing and will also draw more visitors to the area, which provides an economic benefit to local businesses in Athens. Environmental sustainability will be enhanced through a renewable energy program, an environmental mitigation and restoration program, a new recycling facility, and a facilities space modernization project designed to make government services more efficient and accessible.

When you vote for SPLOST you are not voting for a new tax but a continuation of one penny in our sales tax that makes important and positive improvements for our entire community. Please remember to get out and vote YES to SPLOST 2020 on Tuesday, November 5, 2019! When you do so, you are voting for $314 million devoted to projects and improvements to Athens-Clarke County. If you’re not registered to vote, be sure to register by October 7.



The Friends of Athens-Clarke County SPLOST 2020 is a group of community volunteers dedicated to the support of these 37 county-strengthening projects.

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