Quick Campaign: Box Turtle Habitat!

Bear Hollow Zoo needs to build a new habitat within the reptile house for their box turtles: Chip, Beast, Mrs. Potts, Belle, and Madame de la Bouche. All of them reside at Bear Hollow because they have sustained injuries that would make it difficult for them to survive in the wild. Please help us by donating money for materials to build a hutch that will have spaces for them to shelter, climb, and explore!

Donate directly to this campaign using the button below, or visit our table to donate at the zoo on upcoming weekends in August: 13, 14, 27 and 28 (weather permitting). The zoo is ready to build, so as soon as we can raise $850, they can get started! Please donate today!

Enrichment Campaign 2021-2022

Help us purchase sturdy, zoo-tough enrichment items for the larger animals at Bear Hollow Zoo in Athens, GA. Enrichment items like food puzzles and toys stimulate natural behaviors such as foraging, curiosity, and play.

Donate directly to this campaign using the button below, or visit our table to donate at zoo events such as the Bears’ Birthday Party on Saturday, March 19. We’ll have some special birthday gifts for the bears: thanks to donations received so far, we’ve been able to purchase two of the items on the zoo’s enrichment wish list: a feeder tube and a sturdy mirror!

But much more is needed: please donate today!

You can also help us raise funds with some friendly competition! Click Fundraise at the top of the campaign page to start your own fundraising team for this project. Spread the word on your social media and invite your friends to donate and share! 

Items shown are examples of the types of enrichment items that we may purchase. Our actual purchases will be made in consultation with zoo staff and will depend on animal needs and available funds. Your donation to this Friends of Bear Hollow campaign will support purchase of enrichment items and shipping. Up to 10% of donations to this campaign may be used for Friends of Bear Hollow, Inc. administrative expenses.

Project 60 Removed from SPLOST 2020 at Last Minute

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As many of you may have heard, “Redo the Zoo”, Project 60, was removed at the very last minute by the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) from the list of projects proposed to our mayor and commissioners for SPLOST 2020. We understand that the CAC had difficult decisions to make, but feel that as one of our commissioners stated in a recent meeting: “citizens don’t vote for SPLOST, they vote for projects”. At the discovery meeting last March, Project 60 was at the top of the list of most supported projects. It was only on the very last CAC meeting that this broadly supported project was dropped. Continue reading “Project 60 Removed from SPLOST 2020 at Last Minute”

Cindy Jerrell

I have loved Athens since the first day I visited, over 30 years ago. I knew I would spend the rest of my life in this amazing little town that has so many treasures. Bear Hollow Zoo is one of the best treasures of all, a shaded oasis of calm and beauty where we can learn about our neighbors, Georgia’s native wildlife. I began volunteering as a zoo docent, and was later hired as an Exhibit Renovater. I am now an Animal Trainer and  Enrichment Maker. I am (of course) in love with every animal we have and want to do the best I can to give them a happy, healthy life, as well as promote public education so that we can live in harmony with their wild cousins.